Work With Me

I offer several options to work with me. I understand that everyone prefers to engage with health and fitness providers and personal trainers in different ways so I aim to meet everyone where they are at.

Corporate Training

Do you want to make personal training available to your staff? I can design a program to suit your needs and deliver at your workplace.

Group Fitness Classes

I run a variety of group fitness classes from my private studio and gym in Blenheim, NZ. I am a Metafit certified instructor so come along and see how effective a Metafit workout can be!

View our class schedule to book your spot!

Download a printable Class Timetable or Class Descriptions.

Personal Training and Private Small Group Training

For any numbers of reasons many people prefer not to workout within a larger group setting or would rather receive a tailored training session. If this is you, I provide 30 or 60 min personal training sessions either 1 on 1 or with 2-3 friends.

Online Fitness Classes

Would you rather workout at home, but need instruction? Perhaps you don’t live near my studio, but still want to train with me. My online fitness classes are the answer!

Download a printable Class Timetable or Class Descriptions.

Online Programme and Nutritional Support

Do you need nutritional support on your health and fitness journey? I am advocate for the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet and have designed a 4 week programme as a kickstart to this Lifestyle. You may have heard of the “keto diet” before – the principles of LCHF are very similar but I consider it to be a Lifestyle, not a diet.

I also offer private nutrition sessions if you have specific questions you want answered or would prefer a tailored nutritional plan.