Group Fitness Classes

I run a variety of group fitness classes from my private studio and gym in Blenheim, NZ. I am a Reps Certified Personal Trainer. A Metafit, Metapower and Metapro Certified Instructor and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I specialise in 30-minute workouts. Come along and see how effective a 30-minute workout can be! I am also a Certified Indoor Cycling instructor and run Spin Classes twice a week.

Metafit and Metapower

Metafit was designed as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which gets you, fitter, faster than traditional fitness classes. Using bodyweight rather than lots of equipment, they are also done and dusted in 30 minutes which means they are also very time efficient.

Metapower adds to the Metafit program by adding resistance exercises to help build your power and strength.

For more information about Metafit styled classes, visit my Metafit vs Metapower page.

Indoor Cycling / Spin Classes

“Get Pedaling” is an indoor cycling class based on outdoor cycling. The class is done to a series of music and is equivalent to 20-25 km of different gradients, for example hills and flat roads.

The ultimate class to increase your fitness and help you burn fat (up to 600 calories) while toning your butt, legs, and hips.

My classes are designed for all ages and fitness abilities as you get to choose your own intensity level and options are given to work at your pace.

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