Class Descriptions


Metapower is a 30 minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility and cardiovascular efficiency. MetaPWR develops strength and power!


Metafit (bodyweight high intensity interval training {HIIT} program) burns calories and fat in a shorter period of time. Boost Metabolism! Good for heart health and getting you fit fast!

MetaPro PT

MetaPro PT utilises the range of “Meta” exercises and combinations to provide a varied and tailored workout, together with goal setting and coaching on technique. Available as small group training (2-3 people) or as 1:1 training.

MetaPro 12

MetaPro 12 is 12 minute High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) session that put quite simply “pushes you to your max!”. It’s Metafit on steroids!

MetaPro SAQ

MetaPro SAQ are workouts utilising functional movement and training drills and focussing on Speed, Agility and Quickness. SAQ is perfect for team sport training.

Indoor Cycling / Spin Classes

The class is done to a series of music and is equivalent to 20-25km of different gradients. The ultimate class to increase your fitness and help you burn fat while toning your butt, legs and hips.

Personal Training

Not everyone wants to train in a group, if group training is not for you then let’s book a 1 on 1 session together – just you and me! We will set goals for you and we will achieve them! We offer MetaPro PT utlising the principles of “Meta” training and TRX PT which utilises the principles of “TRX” training.

Small Group Training

A class that focusses on toning, strength and conditioning. Restricted to 4 people in each class.

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