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Preparing for a Virtual Workout

As with most things in life, success is proceeded by adequate preparation. Completing a workout successfully is certainly no different – and I would say this particularly about an at-home virtual workout. Spending 10-15 minutes following a few simple guidelines will ensure you get to the end of your workout feeling satisfied, having burnt plenty […]

Give the gift of health and fitness……

Get2it Fitness Studio Gift Vouchers Our Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one to get a kick start with their fitness. You can use the vouchers for Personal Training, Fitness Classes! Pick from our vouchers below or contact us to arrange a value of your choice.     Get2it Fitness Studio […]

Weights Before Cardio OR Cardio Before Weights?

The answer to that question is yes to both because it depends on what your goal is. If your goal is general health then it isn’t that important which you do first although a combination of both would generally be the most effective.  If your goal is to increase your cardiovascular endurance then do cardio […]

Why I’m sick of hearing it’s so easy for you?

I’m out of bed most days between the hours of 4.30am and 6am, with the exception of Sunday, that is my day that I like to snuggle in bed a bit longer. I often get called crazy for doing this, asked why I do it or told you’re so lucky that you’re a morning person (that’s […]

The reason you need to do a spin (indoor cycling class) today!…….

DO YOU LOVE SPIN? Are you wanting to join a class…I have a couple of bikes available 6am Wednesday and 6am Friday! My first entry into life as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor was taking spin classes. 10 years later I’m still taking them and I still LOVE taking them! I can so […]

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