Tracy Scott – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

What We Stand for at Get2It Fitness Studio!

Customised 30-minute training sessions and nutritional solutions that are tailored to your lifestyle and goals!

Building a strong community of like-minded people so you don’t have to go the journey alone!

A holistic approach that gives women and men all the tools they really need to get the body they are going to love.

What We Stand Against!

‘Cookie cutter’ programmes that have a ‘one size fits all’ approach!

Any detox pill, shake, cleanse or meal plan that isn’t scientifically proven to produce the result it says it can, but rather just prays on people’s vulnerabilities and/or lack of knowledge!

Being everything to everybody. I pride myself on being a specialist expert in one area, instead of having vague knowledge in many areas.

Specialising in helping “time poor men and women get fit and strong in as little as 30 minutes”

I’m a busy mother of four children. I understand the challenges to make your health and fitness a priority, and this is the reason I developed my 30-minute training systems! I deliver proven effective training and nutrition systems, I guarantee results & I’ve personally delivered over 10,000 sessions in 12 years of operation as a Fitness Professional.

We are the 30-minute specialists!

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